B.Matic asztali ívszámláló gépek

B.Matic Protec CM ívszámláló

 General overview

PROTEC CM is the tabletop compact sheets counter exploiting the "DUAL SYSTEM" technology.

Optimizing engineering allowed us to create an easy and compact paper counting machine equipped with the  system that makes our sheets counters unique in the World.

"DUAL SYSTEM" technology counts picking the sheets one by one with two aspirating plates making it possible to count not only plain paper but also cardboard and plastic. No corner deformation and no scratching are produced at all and, if any, only imperceptible marks are impressed.

In spite of its reduced dimensions, PROTEC CM paper counter can count a wide range of sheets weights (from 40GSM to 500GSM). Adjustments for changing the thickness of the sheets to be counted are extremely quick, without any mechanical tools: in fact only the manual replacement of two counting plates in a few second is necessary. The traditionally well refined B.MATIC mechanical system  guarantees a compact, sound paper counting machine. Finally, PROTEC CM is equipped with tab inserting facility to split the pack into sets of preset quantity. 

Two versions:

-CM from 40 to 500 GSM with tab insertion facility 

-CM LS from 40 to 250 GSM with tab insertion facility 

(details in the relative sctions here below). 




The Protec CM sheets counter is a new tabletop model totally redesigned
 -New structure with integrated steel knock ups and table.
-Standard version A3. but avaible too with table 50X70 cm or 70X100 cm
-New Touch Screen Panel double resolution.
-New structure design.
-New 2013 counting head.


The quality and advantages of DUAL SYSTEM incorporated in a compact and flexible machine.


1) counting without curling nor scratching the corner of the paper
2) designed and realized to work with minimum maintenance and no need for frequent calibrations 
3) with easy and quick settings.


Suitable for quantity control applications and for pack splitting into reams.

Typical applications include:

  • Deliveries / supplies quantity control
  • Inkjet paper
  • Calendars 
  • Adhesive sheets  
  • Note pads and ream production

  • Labels 

  • Plastic sheets