Solema Board (Roda) - Cutting



Desigend for accurate, high speed production of solid fiber partitions, pads and strips directly from the reel


• Slitting, crosscutting and partitions die-cutting all in a single phase;

• High precision electronic advancement for highest cutting accuracy;

• Accurate and high speed productionof solid fiber partitions, pads and strips directly from the reel;

• Materials: solid board and single-face glassine paper from the reel;

• Simple and fast set up;

• Die-cutting unit with various standard die-cutting shapes for partitions slotting and pads cutting;

• Customized die-cutting tools with different shapes available on request


technical data

• Reel width: min 100 mm - max 850 mm

• Reel diameter: max 2000 mm

• Crosscutting lenght: min. 10 mm / max. 500 mm

• Distance between slots: 25 mm

• Slots depth: 20 – 200 mm

• Board thickness min.: 0,5 mm

• Board thickness max.: 1,2 mm

• Max. speed: 280 strokes/minute



• Printing device

• Waist collecting conveyor

• Collecting table for shingled elements

• Ethernet connection for remote assistance

• Customized die-cutting tools