Solema Board (Roda) - Cutting



Automatic diecutting and reel handling machine designed for accurate, high speed production of solid fiber partitions, pads and stripes directly from the reels


• Board slitting, diecutting and crosscutting, combined in a single pass;

• High precision electronic advancement for highest cutting accuracy +/- 0,2 mm;

• High production of solid board partition and solid board pads;

• Material cut: solid board from the reel;

• Simple and fast set up (ideal also for short runs);

• Diecutting unit, select from a wide variety of standard partition slotting and pad cutting tools;

• Alternatively custom tailored dies are also available


technical datas

• Reel width: 710 mm

• Reel diameter: 1300 mm

• Indexing range: min. 10 mm / max. 500 mm

• Distance between slots: 30 mm

• Slot depth: 20 – 150 mm

• Min. board caliper: 0,6 mm

• Max. board caliper: 1,2 mm

• Speed: 250 tagli / minuto



• Printing unit system

• Customised frames matrix